Jenne' Andrews is an American poet. She has three published chapbooks including the recent Blackbirds Dance in the Empire of Love, Finishing Line Press 2013.

A full-length collection, Reunion, Lynx House Press, was published in 1983; after a long hiatus to raise Golden Retrievers in Colorado, recent work has appeared in The Passionate Transitory, Belletrist Coterie, The Adirondack Review and Vox Populi, a journal of culture, politics and poetry published and edited by the august Michael Simms.

A bilingual collection of "Italiana," Bocca, Voce, Delirio, with translations by Lorenzo Luciani, will be released by Finishing Line at the end of 2016 and her latest collection, And Now, the Road, a finalist for the Autumn House prize in 2014, will be released by Salmon Poetry Ltd, Ireland, a highly regarded international house, Jessie Lendennie, Publisher, circa 2017.

Andrews holds the MFA in Creative Writing/Poetry from Colorado State University, is a literary fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts, and was full-time Poet in Residence for the St. Paul Schools from '74-78. She lived in St. Paul from 1971-78 during the first wave of the Twin Cities literary renaissance, and spent the summer of 1973 in Reggio Calabria, Italy.

The poet lives in northern Colorado's Poudre River Valley with her husband, fiction writer Jack Brooks; the couple has recently imported two British Golden Retrievers and expects a litter in June-- see the Ardorgold website for details. Contact: jenneandrews2010@gmail.com .

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Poem: Compline, Posting for DVerse Poets and Beyond....


Candlelight makes a noose around my neck,
pulling me toward you. We wind down together
like two pocket watches in our chairs,
the lopsided candle flickering.  We are tallow. 
O hour of paraffin, the veering light
with its tiny lyric of smoke. 

I try to pry open the walnut of your silence,
for I know that within you have sailed
around the world.  I want to see
what you saw; whales, off the coast
of Newfoundland.  Christ descended,
in the grotto.  Sweet the night's kiss
of shadow.  We need a blue bowl
of apples here, some kind of

What a bad idea it was
to exhume anyone asleep
in the graveyard of our history: 
now all the ghosts revive, crows
risen in excoriation,
flying up between us
against the throbbing globe
of a summer half-moon,
gilded ship of uncommon vulnerability
taking in water.

copyright Jenne' R. Andrews 2012


Brian Miller said...

ha some really great lines in this jenne....waking sleeping bodies in the graveyard of our history...winding down the stairs like pocket watches...smiles....both great touches in this...

aprille said...

That is 'parola vivace] alright :-)
loved the walnut metaphor and had to look up excoriation. Very intricate and rich.

Claudia said...

great images throughout but esp. loved...I try to pry open the walnut of your silence,
for I know that within you have sailed
around the world...these lines stick out for me...

Beachanny said...

A blue bowl of apples seems an image of peace, of nobility, symbolizing fecundity and common sense. The language here elevates the commonplace into the august. Beautiful.

mrs mediocrity said...

the veering light
with its tiny lyric of smoke....

i could see that, feel it, hear it. just lovely.

robkistner said...

This is captivatingly beautiful Jenné...

Image & Verse

Shan said...

Those ghosts are pesky little entities that nag and bite. Great write which tugged adequately at my heart strings.

Alexandra van de kamp said...

I loved your poem with its smart images and poised silences, Jenne. I also enjoyed reading your frank interview about the publishing world these days. You have had quite a literary journey! --Alexandra

Timoteo said...

So many great line here, but "I try to pry open the walnut of your silence..." really grabs me, because I know how tough a nut that sometimes is to crack.

Mama Zen said...

What an incredible piece! The imagery is so unexpected, and the pacing is flawless.

henry clemmons said...

Some of the best lines I've read of late. The prying open of the walnut is classic. Very skillful.

poemblaze said...

There are some amazing turns of phrase in here. Am going to follow your blog more closely!

jen revved said...

Thanks so very much! So heartening and the collective work just on this thread-- fabulous! will return favor soon... xxj

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. Meetings, reunions can be like that - talking of wrong things. I love so many lines but the bowl of apples is perhaps my favorite. K>

Anonymous said...

PS - I mentioned the bowl of apples -- but there are so many great images and lines--the candlelight, the walnut, the christ descending the grotto, the whole disintegration of conversation--k.

Anonymous said...

I love the imagery of this poem.

Anonymous said...

A lyric wonderland, masterfully crafted!

Charles Miller said...

As always J, a great lyrical piece that spans so much emotional history, and in such finely crafted words. You really do carve ivory, and I think of those amazing miniatures that seem to contain the world.

jen revved said...

Thanks to each wonderful writer commenting on this piece-- great shots in the arm for me....xj