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Benvenuti nel blog traduzione di la poetessa Americana Jenne 'R. Andrews. Fin dalla sua nascita ho postato poesia in inglese al blog. Ma io sono venuto da un meraviglioso cornucopia di amicizie con scrittori e intellettuali italiani, la maggioranza dei quali siciliana. Questi meravigliosi gente è stata così gentile da leggere il mio lavoro. Anzi la mia poesia è stata tradotta nel italiano dal Il professore Signore Marco Giuffrida, Vicenza, Italia e siciliano di nascita. Egli è un brillante gentiluomo; uno scienziato, umanitaria e pensatore e voglio mostrare il mio recente lavoro nel suo linguaggio e attraverso entrambi i nostri occhi. Anche se possa usare il “gadget” di tradurre sulla destra.

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Welcome to the translation blog of Colorado poet Jenne’ R. Andrews. Since its inception I have posted drafts in English to the blog. But I have come by a wonderful cornucopia of friendships with Italian writers and intellectuals, the majority of whom are Sicilian. These wonderful, warm people have been kind enough to read my work. My poetry has been translated into Italian by Professor Marco Giuffrida, Vicenza, Italy and Sicilian by birth. He is a brilliant gentleman; a scientist, humanitarian and thinker and I want to showcase my recent work in his language and through both our eyes.

Hence, for the time being it seems that this blog, La Parola Vivace, is the perfect home for our joint efforts. I hope that you enjoy the experience of reading the work in either or both languages.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Poem: The Artifice of Mirrors, posting for Magpie Tales and Beyond...

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The Artifice of Mirrors

Look then at how each unanswered
Question appears in mirrored eyes
I should never doubt you, oval-rimmed
That you are wordless belies the war
In my heart.

To love Self or not to love her
To hide away, to set her free
From the gilded cage of artifice
Where she sings alone all the nights
And days?

Being shines back
Like the moon refracting the suns of time
I brush my hair from my brow
She follows suit.

But whose tear is it that runs
The furrow of the cheek?
Have I cast myself
Like a horse caught under a fence
Within the shadows of the mirror?

A reflected and refracting inquiry
Cannot resolve within the mind—
Then turn away; volition
In his long cloak
Has found honey in the garden.

copyright Jenne' R. Andrews 2012


Tess Kincaid said...

"To love Self or not to love her"...and then your last stanza...powerful Jenne...

Kat Mortensen said...

I enjoyed this poem, particularly,
"I brush my hair from my brow
She follows suit."

Thanks for introducing me to Andrews. I had not heard of her before.

Maureen said...

Lovely take on the prompt, Jenne. I especially like "gilded cage of artifice" and those last three lines of the last stanza.

zongrik said...

i hope it was wroth finding the honey in the garden


Little Nell said...

Whose tear is it that runs the furrow of the cheek? Should she or shouldn't she? Unanswered questions posed by artifice. Nicely done.

moondustwriter said...

many memories and questions stored in the mirror
Hope all is well Jenne

manicddaily said...

I love thinking of volition as a character--and volition and honey another great juxtoposition. In my mind, volition almost always ends up with the disciplined choice. Nice to see it getting a reward. K.