Jenne' Andrews is an American poet. She has three published chapbooks including the recent Blackbirds Dance in the Empire of Love, Finishing Line Press 2013.

A full-length collection, Reunion, Lynx House Press, was published in 1983; after a long hiatus to raise Golden Retrievers in Colorado, recent work has appeared in The Passionate Transitory, Belletrist Coterie, The Adirondack Review and Vox Populi, a journal of culture, politics and poetry published and edited by the august Michael Simms.

A bilingual collection of "Italiana," Bocca, Voce, Delirio, with translations by Lorenzo Luciani, will be released by Finishing Line at the end of 2016 and her latest collection, And Now, the Road, a finalist for the Autumn House prize in 2014, will be released by Salmon Poetry Ltd, Ireland, a highly regarded international house, Jessie Lendennie, Publisher, circa 2017.

Andrews holds the MFA in Creative Writing/Poetry from Colorado State University, is a literary fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts, and was full-time Poet in Residence for the St. Paul Schools from '74-78. She lived in St. Paul from 1971-78 during the first wave of the Twin Cities literary renaissance, and spent the summer of 1973 in Reggio Calabria, Italy.

The poet lives in northern Colorado's Poudre River Valley with her husband, fiction writer Jack Brooks; the couple has recently imported two British Golden Retrievers and expects a litter in June-- see the Ardorgold website for details. Contact: jenneandrews2010@gmail.com .

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Poem for Magpie Tales & Beyond: Breathless

I've had the good fortune to review Tess Kincaid's new book, Patina.  Check out my review and share the link. xxxj 

Photograph:  Lee Friedlander, from America by Car


He would pull up to my brownstone and my heart
-- it would race oh yes;
I could look down from the third floor and see
His arm and his hand there
Resting near the rear-view mirror.

What did he see in that rear view?
His marriage, going to seed like a dandelion field.
His weedy progeny, all five with his almond eyes,
His provocateur smile, stair-step little girls with one
Unaccountable boy in the middle--

And heart racing I would rev up the VW
And follow him “up North” he would say
Over the near winter that is Minnesota fall, through
The pastures and the sumacs on fire, the halo of light
From the trees all around us.

In my rear-view mirror:  Colorado.  A life I’d bolted from
My family rocking in the leaking boat of isolation
Mother and father ill;
Ahead of me the instantaneous fire between us,
The unavoidable breathlessness;
His mouth on my breasts. "I was improperly
weaned," he would say, and how gladly we collapsed
Into the haystack in  the barn feeding 
the goats or in the house
Against the dresser

Hungry, hungry.  How I miss the burning that drove me
Through the middle decades, thirties, forties, fifties;
How ripe the flesh, how alternately wounded and then
Undaunted again, always in that climbing g-force

But there was no avoiding what lay ahead
On the glistening road, that one layered with black ice.
It would be an Indy 500 gone awry,
trainwreck, heartbreak, and we knew it

And we went down into the sheets, body to body
Anyway, tearing at each other in English and Spanish
Awash in our sweat, paying the piper in low moans
And arching spine and yeses,
For that salty and long ago rear-view dream
It all became.

Many thanks to Tess Kincaid for another great poetry stimulus at Magpie Tales.


Anonymous said...

Lovely, sensual, very particular in detail and yet with a universal edge. Love the use of the prompt. K.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

sexy take on the prompt... nice one!

have a great week ahead!


Berowne said...

"My family rocking in the leaking boat of isolation."
Face it, Jenne; you can write!

earlybird said...

Oh YES! Really original use of these rear view mirrors. Breathless lust - the inevitable 'glistening road... layered with black ice.'

robkistner said...

loved this jenne', and the closing line was fine... we all have a few of those smoldering deliciously in the rear-view...

Tumblewords: said...

Powerful and sensuous. A stop-the-breath read!

Kay said...

'paying the piper in low moans'...fabulous magpie!!

Zoe said...

those rear view mirrors are what gives these exquisitely evocative lines their inner strength. I am surprised at the depth of sadness this one calls up in me. Beautifully executed, as so often is the case with you. :D

Isabel Doyle said...

hindsight never gets us anywhere
brilliant response

Jo Bryant said...

brilliant response to the theme- loved it

Mystic_Mom said...

Lovely Jenne, so sensual and bitter sweet!

Morning said...

lovely poetry.