Jenne' Andrews is an American poet. She has three published chapbooks including the recent Blackbirds Dance in the Empire of Love, Finishing Line Press 2013.

A full-length collection, Reunion, Lynx House Press, was published in 1983; after a long hiatus to raise Golden Retrievers in Colorado, recent work has appeared in The Passionate Transitory, Belletrist Coterie, The Adirondack Review and Vox Populi, a journal of culture, politics and poetry published and edited by the august Michael Simms.

A bilingual collection of "Italiana," Bocca, Voce, Delirio, with translations by Lorenzo Luciani, will be released by Finishing Line at the end of 2016 and her latest collection, And Now, the Road, a finalist for the Autumn House prize in 2014, will be released by Salmon Poetry Ltd, Ireland, a highly regarded international house, Jessie Lendennie, Publisher, circa 2017.

Andrews holds the MFA in Creative Writing/Poetry from Colorado State University, is a literary fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts, and was full-time Poet in Residence for the St. Paul Schools from '74-78. She lived in St. Paul from 1971-78 during the first wave of the Twin Cities literary renaissance, and spent the summer of 1973 in Reggio Calabria, Italy.

The poet lives in northern Colorado's Poudre River Valley with her husband, fiction writer Jack Brooks; the couple has recently imported two British Golden Retrievers and expects a litter in June-- see the Ardorgold website for details. Contact: jenneandrews2010@gmail.com .

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Revved Again About Islam..

update-- yes, hard feelings about all of it and moving in direction of being more tolerant.  post follows:

Among the many things claiming my attention recently is that I learned that 150 million Muslim girls and women have been forced to undergo female "circumcision"-- in most cases robbing them of any and all sexual fulfillment for the rest of their lives.

This barbaric practice is especially prevalent in the Sudan and Africa but is also found throughout the Muslim world.

This alone is enough to cinch my view that as much as moderate Muslims would like the world and the United States to believe that Islam is a religion of peace, love, tolerance, it is not.  The Koran explicity states innumerable times, allegedly via the words of Mohammed, that women are like "beasts" and must be kept under control.  A wife goes out in the world wrapped in the garment that covers her and spends the rest of the time subjugated to the whims of her husband.

I was upset about this and took a look at a few videos, which actually I am sorry to report, show a young girl's father assisting in the primitive and immensely painful removal of her clitoris.  It's truly a pity the asshole is walking around sucking air.

Who wants anything to do with a religion that perpetrates the oppression of women?  The more I tune in to Islam the less I like it.  The less I feel that any of us owe one damn thing to the Muslim Americans except "Good Morning-- how are you you."  150 million worldwide is not an extremist minority within Islam.

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Timoteo said...

I won't comment on anyone's religion, because I wouldn't want to paint all adherents with the same brush. But the religious justifications that are given for the treatment of women--especially in middle-eastern countries--boggles the mind.

East is east and west is west, but I am baffled at how--in the 21st century--these misogynistic throwbacks to The Dark Ages are still controlling things over there.